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Christopher’s Secret Stuff appears to be returning as a flavor of the Thavage RTD

Christophers Secret Stuff Thavage Rtd

After winning his third and fourth Classic Olympia titles, Chris Bumstead’s brand Raw Nutrition created special edition flavors of the CBUM Series pre-workout with 3-Peat and 4-Peat Thavage. Last year, the reputable brand released something in the lead-up to that eventual fourth-title victory with Christopher’s Secret Stuff, which was also a limited-time flavor of the Thavage pre-workout and was said to taste like winning.

This year’s Mr. Olympia competition is only a month or so away, and Raw Nutrition looks as though it’ll be bringing back that Christopher’s Secret Stuff Thavage, although it seems like we are not getting the familiar flavor in the traditional format. An image has surfaced of the special edition Secret Stuff, but for Raw Nutrition’s convenient, on-the-go pre-workout, the Thavage RTD, and that doesn’t rule out the return of the powder.

We have to imagine Raw Nutrition’s Christopher’s Secret Stuff Thavage RTD will be like the Secret Stuff Thavage powder and have all of the same ingredients and dosages as other flavors of the beverage, like 6g of pure citrulline and 305mg of caffeine. Again, the RTD doesn’t rule out the possibility of Secret Stuff coming back in powder, and we’re guessing this is all dropping soon, as the Olympia weekend is right around the corner.