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Raw Nutrition terminates its partnership with HealthFarm Nutrition in India

Raw Nutrition Terminates Partnershpi With Healthfarm

A story emerged yesterday about the retailer and distributor HealthFarm Nutrition in India, revealing and releasing a completely new pre-workout supplement by the name of ThPre. It got a lot of attention as there was an interesting catch to it, in that it features the exact same set of ingredients and dosages as Raw Nutrition’s version of Thavage in that same country. That all ties around to the fact that earlier this year, HealthFarm became the official distributor of Raw Nutrition in India.

We were left very confused as to why HealthFarm Nutrition would replicate the star supplement — Thavage — it is carrying and distributing for Raw Nutrition across its home country. Shortly after posting details about ThPre, we got more information on the development and relationship, and there is a bit of a story. Raw Nutrition founder and owner Dom Lacovone shared that it actually terminated its partnership with HealthFarm, so it is no longer the official distributor of the rising brand.

Dom Lacovone says Raw Nutrition terminated its partnership with HealthFarm Nutrition in India a few months back. Following the ending of the shortlived relationship, HealthFarm has come out with ThPre, which, as mentioned, has the same ingredients, dosages, and flavors as Raw’s Thavage pre-workout in India and at a lower price. The company’s actions following the end of its partnership are certainly surprising and not something we’ve seen in our years in the industry.