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Liquid-center energy gum Bashmouth introduces Poppy’s Sour Apple as its second flavor

Bashmouth Sour Apple Chewing Gum

Bashmouth is the still relatively new energizing chewing gum company that delivers a blend of active ingredients in a liquid center, tucked inside a piece of classic chewing gum for a hit of flavor and energy. The main driving force behind the brand’s signature product is natural caffeine at a moderate 130mg in a single piece. That’s actually a fair amount when you consider the convenience and how easy it would be to put away something like three pieces for a pre-workout total of 390mg of caffeine.

When we last spoke about Bashmouth and its caffeinated chewing gum, it had only one flavor to choose from, and it was a traditional taste for this type of item in Spearmint. The young and growing functional company has pumped out another taste this month, meaning Spearmint is no longer alone with Poppy’s Sour Apple. It basically fills that liquid center with a sour apple hit of energy, and you can get it directly from the brand’s online store in a stick of five pieces at $5.99, with bulk options also available.

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