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Body Science relies entirely on collagen for its refreshing sparkling protein drink

Body Science Bsc Protein Water

We recently posted about Body Science’s all-new energy drink, simply named BSc Energy, featuring a relatively straightforward formula of B vitamins, gluconolactone, taurine, and a moderate 160mg of caffeine in the international version of a 16oz can at 500ml. The product is available in three flavors with Ice Blast, Lime Crush, and Berry Burst, but it is not the only beverage the legacy company has rolled out; there is also BSc Protein Water.

While BSc Energy is indeed an energizing drink, BSc Protein Water is a refreshing, high-protein canned product that gives you 15g of protein, zero sugar, and practically no carbohydrates, with a calorie count of 62. It is worth noting that while this is a clear-style protein drink, it does not rely on the common or premium source of protein in whey. Body Science has made BSc Protein Water with collagen for hair, skin, nail, and joint health, which doesn’t have the same muscle-building amino profile as the likes of whey.

BSc Protein Water is a relatively straightforward beverage with the reliance on collagen for its 15g of protein being the only real point worth knowing that isn’t shouted out loud on the front of the can. The product is rolling out to the brand’s many retail partners across Australia, and it has one more flavor than BSc Energy at four with Pina Colada, Strawberry Dream, Green Apple, and Musk Sticks all in a slim and sleek 12oz or 355ml can.

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