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Caramel Apple is joining the Juvee family right in line with its one year anniversary

Caramel Apple Juvee Energy Drink

If it wasn’t enough that energy drink brand Juvee made a fictional beverage from the world of the TV Show The Boys, a reality, it has cooked up yet another completely new flavor for its signature beverage. The growing company has been rather busy these past few months, making its originally limited Slayer Slushie flavor permanent under the name Cherry Slushie, teaming up with Gopuff for the exclusive Peachy Mangopuff, then last week, fans were treated to entertaining Turbo Rush.

Juvee’s latest flavor creation is an interesting one, considering it is for a caffeinated beverage, as it’s actually more suited for something like a protein shake. The brand has gone with a bit of dessert inspiration and crafted a Caramel Apple Juvee energy drink. The product is being timed perfectly with Juvee’s one-year anniversary, which is tomorrow, and right on that day, Caramel Apple will go live at and feature all of the usual highlights, like no sugar and 127mg of caffeine.

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