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Standalone supplements are coming to Condemned with four common ingredients to start

Condemned Labz Essentials

The hardcore supplement company Condemned Labz has been incredibly and impressively busy these last couple of years, not just rebranding its reputable selection of products but reworking its formulas and introducing some all-new items. That fast pace continues in the month of October, as not only is Condemned Getting ready to release its promising Halloween edition Souls4Sale but also its basic Condemned Essentials.

Condemned Labz has confirmed there will be four supplements in the straightforward Condemned Essentials Series, each named after its one main ingredient, including Creatine, with 80 servings of 5g of classic creatine monohydrate, Next is L-Glutamine, also with 80 servings at a 5g dose, Beta Alanine packing 75 servings at 3.2g of the performance-supporting component, and L-Citrulline, with 60 servings at 4g a piece.

As far as we know, all of those initial Condemned Labz basics are in unflavored powder, and that is only the beginning of the Condemned Essentials Series. Before the line is even here, the growing supplement company has already said it’ll eventually add some dedicated vitamins and other health and wellness-centric products to the family.