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Performix discounts its Supercharged products by 30% in its complete collection bundle

Performix Complete Bundle Supercharged Series

Next month, Performix is officially launching its intriguing new line of versatile, stackable workout-orientated supplements in the Supercharged Series, made up of Supercharged Preworkout, the Nitrosigine-fueled Supercharged Pump, and the rather unique Supercharged Recovery. Each of the products comes in Liquid Fusion Technology-enhanced capsules for better absorption and efficacy of each of the ingredients, and for a touch of creativity, they’re actually flavored.

To keep things nice and consistent, Performix has given each of its Supercharged Series supplements the same price at $49.99 each, and you can pre-order any of those over at, once again, for shipping sometime in the month of November. If you want to try all three of the products, the brand is prepared to give back by way of savings, as on its website, there is the Supercharged bundle, which comes with a full-size bottle of each of the three supplements.

The savings Performix is offering in its Supercharged bundle are pretty significant, with the complete set costing a total of $104.98. That works out to an individual price of $34.99 a product, well below that $49.99, and again, that is also up for pre-order at, with the brand planning to fulfill early bird orders somewhere in November,