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Supplement Needs puts a solid dose of electrolytes and stable CreaBev creatine in its first beverage

Supplement Needs Electrolyte Drink

Supplement Needs recently teased the coming of some sort of beverage after sharing what was clearly a bottled product, although it didn’t include any other details like the name, category, or any of its ingredients. A week or so later, the reputable retailer and brand out of the UK has taken the covers off and officially unveiled its first-ever drink, and it was one of the items we suspected in an electrolyte-filled hydration beverage named Electrolyte+.

The team at Supplement Needs and its respectable formulator, Dr. Dean St. Mart, have been working on Electrolytes+ for the better part of a year, and as you’d expect from the brand, there is quite a bit to the product. While it does come with a good amount of electrolytes to support and improve hydration in 510mg of potassium, 140mg of sodium, half a gram of magnesium taurate, and 225mg of dimagnesium malate, there is also 2.5g of d-ribose and a gram of the stable and soluble CreaBev creatine monohydrate.

Traditional creatine monohydrate converts into creatinine in solution; for example, if you put 5g in a bottle of water today and tested it in one week, you simply won’t find 5g. CreaBev from the team at Glanbia promises less degradation in its CreaBev creatine monohydrate and has a nice breakdown on its website comparing its stability. The company says in a drink, 100% of regular creatine monohydrate converts to creatinine in 50 days, while 30% CreaBev remains stable for a significantly stronger 12 months.

Supplement Needs Electrolytes+ drink is in production this week, which should mean it’ll be available within the next month. The sports nutrition beverage, again featuring electrolytes for hydration and CreaBev creatine for strength and power, is hitting the market in two flavors: Pineapple and Cola. While there is a strong focus on the benefits of the sports drink, the brand is assuring fans the taste is highly competitive and is up there with the best.