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V1 Nutra turns a classic red popsicle into a flavor of its premier pre-workout for Halloween

V1 Nutra Slaughter Pop V1

The fast-growing and ever-creative V1 Nutra is having a bit of fun with Halloween this year, similar to what it did around this time in 2022, by releasing a special edition flavor of its signature stimulant pre-workout V1. The intriguing temporary taste is not alone, as the brand has rolled it out alongside a restock of its Strawberry Margarita flavor of the stimulant-backed V1 pre-workout and the debut of the standalone glycerol.

Following last year’s Slaughter Punch flavor of its premier pre-workout V1, V1 Nutra has put together a completely new Slaughter Pop flavor of that very same supplement, and it has provided a description of that creation, saying it’s red popsicle. The product has all of the same reliable ingredients and dosages fans have come to expect from V1, including 8g of straight citrulline, proven NeuroFactor, cognition-enhancing NooLVL, and 200mg of caffeine, and over at, it’ll cost you $52.99.

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