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Gradually growing Vast in Europe enters the hydration space with added BetaPower

Vast Hydro

The hydration category continues to grow week by week, and this time around, we have the expanding European sports nutrition brand Vast to thank with its straightforwardly named competitor Vast Hydro. Like all good hydration supplements, this one is driven by a strong selection of electrolytes from pink Himalayan salt and Aquamin marine-sourced minerals, and inlcudes the likes of sodium at half a gram a serving.

Vast Hydro doesn’t stop at the electrolytes; it features a few other main ingredients for the purpose of improving performance and endurance, such as 750mg of taurine and half a gram of BetaPower betaine. Again, everything rolls together to support hydration, performance, and endurance, all wrapped up in a tasty flavored powder in your choice of Blue Ice, Juicy Peach, Strawberry Pineapple, and the unflavored option Neutral.

The growing European supplement company, Vast, has been relatively busy this year, rolling out all sorts of new additions to its lineup, including the fat burner Oxy Heat, standalone Cluster Dextrin powder Pro Carbs, and the clear and refreshing protein powder, AWhey Clear. Vast Hydro is simply the latest in a long line of completely new products from the brand, and you can get it in tubs of 60 servings from its online store at €29.90.