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Uma Musume Pretty Derby inspires a special edition Honey Drink flavor of Be Legend’s protein

Be Legend X Uma Musume Pretty Derby Honey Drink Protein Powder

Be Legend is one of the sports nutrition brands out there that has been doing authentic collaborations longer than almost everyone else, and it has one of the largest collections of collaborations, although you won’t have seen most of them. Be Legend is a Japanese supplement company sold primarily in its home country, and this month, it has another partnership product, put together with a popular anime in Uma Musume Pretty Derby.

Uma Musume Pretty Derby actually started as a mobile game and then was adapted into a well-received anime that has grown to a total of three seasons. The story of Uma Musume Pretty Derby is an interesting one, summarized by saying it’s about legendary racehorses that have been reborn as girls with ears and tails, with enhanced speed and endurance. All of that aside, Be Legend has indeed got together with the game and anime for a special edition Honey Drink flavor of its Whey Protein Powder.

Be Legend’s selling its Uma Musume Pretty Derby collaboration, Honey Drink Whey Protein Powder, through its online store, and for a limited time, if you grab a 1kg bag at ¥5,980 (40.03 USD), you’ll get a free tee themed around the game and anime in black or white, for men or women. Also, as a quick refresher on the nutrition profile of the supplement, it’s fairly typical with 20g of protein a serving, all from whey concentrate, 4.8g of carbohydrates with next to none of that sugar, 1.7g of fat, and 114 calories.

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