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GNC perfectly times its latest Marvel collaboration with the upcoming debut of The Marvels

Captain Marvel Galactic Cookies Cream Gnc Pro Whey

GNC took the other side of the comic universe earlier this year, teaming up with Marvel for several special edition flavors of its own brand of protein powder, while last year, The Vitamin Shoppe got together with DC Comics for the same sort of thing. The retailer and brand created three Avengers-themed tastes in Captain America’s Star-Spangled Birthday Cake, Iron Man’s High-Flying S’mores, and Black Panther’s Royal Caramel Cookie.

Shortly after launching its collaboration with Marvel, GNC said it plans on releasing more flavors inspired by legendary superheroes, and this week, we have indeed got the first extension of the partnership since the initial three. The supplement store has revealed and released Captain Marvel’s Galactic Cookies & Cream for the same product as the others in GNC’s Pro Performance 100% Whey, packing 24g of whey protein a serving and 160 calories.

GNC couldn’t have picked a better time to launch Captain Marvel’s Galactic Cookies & Cream flavor for Pro Performance 100% Whey, as the latest film in the Marvel Universe is about to hit theaters on Friday of next week. That movie does, of course, feature Captain Marvel herself, alongside other well-known characters in Ms. Marvel and Monica Rambeau. The latest GNC and Marvel collaboration is already available in stores and on, with full-size tubs of 25 servings costing you $39.99.

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