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Energy Cake includes two exclusive unreleased flavors in this year’s advent calendar

Energy Cake 2023 Advent Calendar

The advent calendars continue to roll out from creative functional food companies over in Europe, that are packed full of better-for-you snacks and treats. Following on from Grenade’s full-size protein bar-filled offering, Body Attack’s effort in Germany, and the variety-style calendar from GAAM Nutrition, we have Energy Cake. For those not familiar with Energy Cake, it is a flapjack specialist that makes an oat-based bar that carries a hefty amount of carbohydrates at 69g in its Double Chocolate flavor.

The limited edition advent calendar from Energy Cake is, of course, loaded with its signature, self-titled snack with an impressive total of 49 of its smaller 65g bars in over 20 different flavors. To make things even more of a surprise, there are products in the calendar labeled as “Secret Variety”. Those are unreleased options exclusive to the calendar, of which there are two altogether, and if you’d like to get your hands on them, the only way is indeed in the advent calendar, costing €39.90 (43.28 USD) at

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