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Mars keeps the excitement rolling introducing authentic Mars and Snickers high-protein cookies

Mars And Snickers Protein Cookie

The candy company Mars made a lot of noise last week, not in the confectionery industry but in our world, sports nutrition and functional food. It released some authentic Wrigley-flavored supplements in Hubba Bubba Blue Raspberry and Hubba Bubba Cola Protein Powder and BCAA Powder. The giant is pouring on the pressure as we approach the close of the year, also introducing an authentic Mars Protein Cookie and Snickers Protein Cookie.

Mars has once again called on some of the iconic candies it first created products around for sports nutrition in Mars and Snickers, of which it currently has multiple items on the market, including a White Chocolate Snickers Protein Bar and Mars Chocolate Caramel Powder. The brand’s Mars Protein Cookie and Snickers Protein Cookie continue that same idea, authentically putting the Mars and Snickers name and taste into a better-for-you product, and this time around, it is in the form of a high-protein cookie.

The latest functional creations from Mars for the health and nutrition industry feature wheat, pea, and soy protein as sources for their 15g of protein per cookie, with around 25g of carbohydrates, 7.2g of fat, and a reasonable calorie count of 233, so long as the taste is on point. The Mars Protein Cookie and Snickers Protein Cookie look like they have a soft and smooth main body, and to further drive the taste experience, the brand has sprinkled chocolate chips and roasted peanuts throughout the 60g snacks.

The team at Protein Package has confirmed it’ll have both the Mars Protein Cookie and Snickers Protein Cookie available for purchase in its online store this week, so if they’re not there yet, they will be shortly. Like all of Mars’ other protein-heightened foods, including the Mars and Snickers protein bars and protein powder, the protein cookies will be rolling out in the UK at reasonable prices, going into retailers individually at £1.59.

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