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Brazil’s Nutrata crafts a protein bar made with yogurt and featuring a thick creamy center

Nutrata Yopro

Nutrata in Brazil already has a good selection of functional foods on the market, mostly in the traditional bar format, such as the Whey Grego Bar, Proto Bar, the crunchier spin-off Proto Crunch Bar, and the candy-like Match. Joining its list of competitors in the category this month is YoPRO, which is indeed another high-protein bar, but it has some clear points of difference in the structure of the snack and the specific ingredients it uses.

Nutrata’s YoPRO is uniquely made with whole yogurt powder, hence the “Yo” in its name, and that’s combined with a variety of protein sources like whey isolate, collagen, and casein, as well as crunchy pieces for a fun consistency, and decadent chocolate around the outside. The build of the YoPRO Bar looks quite delicious, featuring a dense main body filled with an extra thick gooey cream, covered in crispy pieces, and wrapped in milk or white chocolate.

The nutrition profile on Nutrata’s YoPRO starts with a moderate 15g of protein in a 55g bar, so not quite the 20g you usually get in a protein snack of this size, alongside 15g of carbohydrates, less than 3g of that sugar, 11g of fat, and a calorie count of 229. That creamy center certainly makes the YoPRO Bar look like something different and enjoyable, and it’s out now in the brand’s home Country in Chocolate and Strawberry White Chocolate.

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