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Peach Mango comes in as the eight-month-old Bum Energy’s second new flavor

Peach Mango Bum Energy Drink

Raw Nutrition and Chris Bumstead’s energy drink, aptly named Bum Energy, didn’t come out of the gate firing with a mountain of flavors to choose from; it had just two to start in Orange Sunrise and Cherry Frost. The beverage hasn’t been as quick to add more tastes to its menu, at least at the pace of the seven-month-old Gorilla Mind Energy Drink, dropping just one since its debut in another citrusy creation with Citrus Burst.

This month, right before the turn to December, Raw Nutrition and Chris Bumstead have boosted that menu to a total of four flavors, double from the original pair, introducing a classic Peach Mango Bum Energy Drink. It carries all of the same straightforward highlights as the rest of the lineup, including 250mg of focus and cognition-supporting Cognizin and a light 112mg of caffeine, with absolutely no sugar and just five calories a can.

One of our favorite places to buy energy drinks online is XN Supps, purely because it sells beverages individually, which is not something you get from most sports nutrition stores’ websites. XN Supps already has the new Peach Mango Bum Energy Drink in stock at $3 each, or if you want to invest in a case, you can add 12 cans of any flavor of Bum Energy to your cart and get an automatic 20% off, dropping the price per can to $2.40.