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Burly Good Co quickly previews a bulk creatine to follow its debut protein powder

Protein Pick And Mix Burly Creatine

Protein Pick and Mix debuted its own brand of products this week; after years of selling protein snacks, better-for-you foods, and great-tasting supplements, it has introduced The Burly Good Co. The first item from the venture is the undoubtedly enjoyable protein powder Burly Shakes in two mouthwatering flavors with Chocolate Billionaire Brownie and Caramel Biscuit Blondie, but as exciting as that drop is, the retailer and brand is far from done.

While Burly Shakes is the first product from Protein Pick and Mix and The Burly Good Co, it won’t be the last, and we can confirm that less than 24 hours after the newcomer has begun its journey in the world of sports nutrition. Details have surfaced on another supplement that’s not here yet but is on the way from Burly Good Co, and is actually a series called Burley Basics, with the first entry in that family being the standalone Burly Basics Creatine.

Protein Pick and Mix and The Burly Good Co’s Burly Basics Creatine is a straightforward product, as the name of the upcoming item sounds, with a bulk 300g tub of unflavored creatine monohydrate for you to divide up into 60 servings with 5g of creatine in each. That supplement will be along soon to join Burly Shakes at a price of £19.99 (24.53 USD), and we suspect there is even more to come from the reputable retailer and its fresh new brand.