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Smaller size of PVL’s standalone Creapure creatine released exclusively in the US via Amazon

Pvl exclusive 42 serving Gold Series Creatine

Pure Vita Labs, better known as PVL in Canada, recently announced it would be entering the highly competitive US market in the early stages of 2024. The long-running brand is bringing its reputable selection of supplements to the region, including its premium protein powder ISO Gold and pre-workout Domin8. That move has actually started a little early, with PVL becoming available to US fans this month by way of Amazon.

There is now a listing on the online giant’s website,, where not only can you get an early taste of the extremely successful and very popular Canadian supplement company, but there is an exclusive. Amazon is stocking PVL products like the vegan-friendly protein powder Plant Pro, and the packed-out pre-workout Domin8, as well as Gold Series Creatine, in its usual 410g tub size of 82 servings and a 210g bottle of 42 servings.

It is the smaller 42-serving tub of PVL’s Gold Series Creatine that you can’t get anywhere else currently only available to those of you in the US through Amazon. It’s a great way for the brand to introduce itself to the market, and if you’d like to jump on that America-exclusive bottle of creatine, head to, where you can pay a very reasonable $19.99 for that 210g tub, which is bulk, standalone creatine monohydrate.

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