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Raw comes to Sam’s Club with a double size tub of Essential Pre-Workout that saves you 33%

Raw Nutrition At Sams Club

Whenever brands become available at the likes of Costco and Sam’s Club, it’s always something worth looking at as typically they give wholesale retailers like that exclusive sizes or at the very least, highly competitive deals compared to buying from themselves or specialty supplement stores. Chris Bumstead’s Raw Nutrition has launched this month at Sam’s Club, and it has indeed touched on all of the above, and with three of its more popular supplements.

Over at Sam’s Club, you can get Raw Nutrition’s 25-serving jug of the premium grass-fed whey isolate protein powder, simply named Isolate Protein, for more than $10 less than at $43.98. There is also a supersized tub of the bulk Creatine Monohydrate, giving you more than triple the servings of the standalone offering on the brand’s website at 100 servings for $39.98 versus the regular 30 servings available directly from Raw at $24.99.

The third and final Raw Nutrition supplement at Sam’s Club is Chris Bumstead’s straightforward, value-focused CBUM Series Essential Pre-Workout. From, that product is usually $29.99 for a tub of 30 basic but well-dosed servings. Sam’s Club is selling Essential Pre-Workout for just $10 more at $39.98; however, instead of 30 servings, you get twice that at 60 with all of the same dosages, which works out to a considerable saving of 33%.