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Watermelon and Lemonade make it seven flavors for Wicked’s protein and create a second sampler

Wicked Protein Lemonade Clear Whey Isolate

Wicked Protein may have built its name around its original refrigerated protein bars packed with around 16g of protein, but it has a lot more going for itself these days. The brand now also offers a high-protein cookie infused with collagen and a clear-style protein powder named Clear Whey Isolate. The growing brand has expanded the menu of that supplement this week, which was already nicely populated with five others to choose from, or four if you don’t count the neutral Unflavored as a flavor.

The newest members of Wicked Protein’s Clear Whey Isolate family that have, in turn, created a second variety pack, are a classic Watermelon and a refreshingly citrusy Lemonade. Those are flavors six and seven, and can be purchased directly from, where there is a sale at the moment, discounting full-size tubs of 18 servings, each with 23g of protein. The deal drops Clear Whey Isolate down to $35.99, but again, the flavor extensions have resulted in a second variety pack from Wicked Protein, featuring two samples of each and two of Ice Pop at $15.99.