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Color-changing Cherry Freeze flavor of Prime shows up on social media and eBay

Cherry Freeze Prime Hydration Drink Shows Up On Ebay

A completely new, unreleased, and uniquely packaged flavor of Prime’s flagship sports drink, the Prime Hydration, is showing up all across social media, and it is even available for purchase through the online auction platform eBay. The product is a Cherry Freeze Prime Hydration Drink, the first extension to the beverage since the glow-in-the-dark Glowberry and its various special editions, but it has not been talked about publicly by the brand or mentioned anywhere on its website.

The Cherry Freeze Prime Hydration Drink is indeed a cherry-based flavor experience, featuring all of the beverage’s usual key ingredients, with a variety of electrolytes to support hydration and performance, and next to no sugar and low calories. The unique feature of the product, at least according to the listings and posts about it, is that it has a color-changing label, which starts with red at the bottom and fades to white, although if it’s cold, the very top changes to a light blue.

Again, if you want to purchase the unreleased Cherry Freeze Prime Hydration Drink, you can seemingly get it on eBay, with a couple of sellers saying they have it in hand. One account has the beverage at $40 and the other $60, and they both have several units available. The product does look legitimate, with images from all sides, including production numbers, and if Cherry Freeze is authentic and this much about it is out there, we have to imagine a launch is imminent.