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Hollywood A-lister Chris Pratt comes on board as part owner of Jocko Fuel

Jocko Fuel X Chris Pratt

The team at Jocko Fuel made a lot of noise this year, introducing some completely new supplements, including its first real full-on competitor in the saturated pre-workout category and an entry into the fast-growing and fast-moving world of hydration products by way of Jocko Hydrate. You also can’t forget the brand’s supremely premium anti-aging and longevity effort, Jocko Timewar; with everything coming together for a standout performance in 2023 and before we even start 2024, it looks like that effort and impact will most certainly continue.

Jocko Fuel from the legendary Jocko Willink is rounding out the year with an absolutely huge announcement, although unlike all of those highlights touched on above, this one is not related to any sort of supplement or specific sports nutrition product. The latest news from the high-powered brand is in the area of personnel, where in a short video, it has shared that it is bringing on a major celebrity. By that we do mean a major Hollywood celebrity, and even more importantly, he is not coming on board to be just a face or an occasional ambassador.

Jocko Fuel is now partly owned by none other than Chris Pratt, known for several blockbuster films, including the Guardians Of The Galaxy series in the Marvel cinematic universe, the Jurassic World franchise, and most recently, the animated outing of the Super Mario Bros. Pratt has indeed come on board Jocko Fuel as part owner, suggesting, as mentioned, he is going to play a bigger role than a representative, and right at the turn of 2024, which by the looks of things, is setting up to be another powerful year for the brand.

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