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Core ISO Clear and its authentic Fun Sweets flavors are arriving alongside National Cotton Candy Day

Core Iso Clear Protein Powder

It was previously confirmed that Doug Miller’s premium sports nutrition competitor, Core Nutritionals, would be coming out with another entry in its growing and now extensive collaboration with the cotton candy specialist Fun Sweets. The interesting thing about its latest expansion is that it has put together two authentic flavors for a completely new supplement, not an existing one, as we saw with Fun Sweets Blue Raspberry and Cherry Berry for Core Fury, Core Pump, and Core Hydrate.

Core Nutritionals has teamed up with Fun Sweets for those same two flavor collaborations from the pre-workouts Core Fury and Pump, and Hydrate — Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy and Cherry Berry Cotton Candy — for a competitor in the clear protein sub-category aptly named Core ISO Clear. The supplement is made with premium whey isolate, providing the typically lean nutrition profile for this type of product with 24g of protein a serving, no fat, a gram of carbohydrates, and 100 calories.

We’ve got Core Nutritionals and its entirely new Core ISO Clear in headlines again this week as news has come in on exactly when you’ll be able to get your hands on either authentic flavor: Fun Sweets Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy and Cherry Berry Cotton Candy. In just two days, right in line with National Cotton Candy Day on December 7th, the reputable sports nutrition competitor is making the supplements available for purchase through its official online store in tubs of 30 servings.