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Core is continuing its Fun Sweets and cotton candy partnership into clear protein

Core Iso Clear X Fun Sweets Flavors

Core Nutritionals has done quite a bit in its authentic partnership with the cotton candy company Fun Sweets, putting together flavor collaborations for several supplements. The relationship started with on-point Fun Sweets Blue Raspberry and Cherry Berry flavors of the reputable brand’s pre-workouts Core Fury and Core Pump, then more recently it made those flavors for Core Hydrate, then next week they’re back again for a whole new product.

As you can see, all of the flavors Core Nutritionals has put together in partnership with Fun Sweets have been for supplements it already has on the market in Core Fury, Core Pump, and Core Hydrate. In the coming week, the brand is releasing those two flavors for a completely new product named Core ISO Clear. It is indeed the brand’s take on the increasingly popular sub-category of clear protein powder like SEEQ’s signature Clear Protein.

While there are plenty of other Cotton Candy flavors in Fun Sweets’ arsenal, Core Nutritionals has carried over the tastes from its other collaborations for Core ISO Clear in Blue Raspberry and Cherry Berry. Like most other competitors in the world of clear protein, the brand relies entirely on whey isolate to provide all of its protein at 24g a serving, alongside just a gram of carbohydrates, no sugar, zero fat, and a lean 100 calories.

Again, Core Nutritionals is expected to launch its Fun Sweets’ Cotton Candy Blue Raspberry and Cherry Berry Core ISO Clears next week, and knowing how reliable the brand is, we have to imagine the tastes are on point. We’re also guessing Core has more flavors up its sleeves for the all-new Core ISO Clear protein powder outside of the authentic Fun Sweets Cotton Candy creations, with maybe some more traditional refreshing tastes.