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Core is bringing its authentic Fun Sweets Cotton Candy flavors to its premium hydration competitor

Fun Sweets Blue Raspberry Cherry Berry Cotton Candy Core Hydrate

Core Nutritionals really mixed things up for its second-ever collaboration, where it teamed up with the cotton candy company Fun Sweets for authentic Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy and Cherry Berry Cotton Candy flavors of Core Fury and Core Pump. The reputable sports nutrition company went the extra mile and gave the products Fun Sweets Cotton Candy branding, genuine cotton candy-like tastes, and even swapped out a few ingredients to ensure the colors, when mixed, are on point.

Shortly after Core Nutritionals launched its Fun Sweets collaboration, we mentioned that the candy brand has plenty of other cotton candy flavors in its catalog that the supplement company could quickly make use of. While that may still happen, Core has come out with details on an extension of its Fun Sweets partnership, but it’s not about any completely new flavors. The brand has previewed the same Blue Raspberry and Cherry Berry Cotton Candy flavors for another one of its supplements.

Coming to market shortly are Core Nutritionals and Fun Sweets’ Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy and Cherry Berry Cotton Candy flavors for the well-formulated and hydration-supporting Core Hydrate. The brand has previewed those two products in Hydrate’s original box of 20 single-serving stick packs, and it will, of course, have all of the same highlights. That includes the potent blend of electrolytes, quality TRAACS minerals, premium elevATP, and the proven performance-powering Senactiv.