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Morphogen adds immunity support for the reformulation of its superfood supplement

Morphogen Nutrition Updated Nutrigen

Morphogen Nutrition has reworked another one of its specialty supplements, as we’ve seen it do a few times this year, most recently its standalone Creatine, nighttime recovery competitor Somagen, and its pump capsule formula Pump, previously named Morphopump. The product getting the love this time around is Nutrigen, the brand’s superfood supplement, which has undergone a few tweaks and changes.

The sequel Nutrigen has carried over many of the same ingredients and dosages found in its predecessor, including 2g each of broccoli powder, blueberry, carrot, spinach, and pomegranate, and a gram of orange extract. The brand has maintained its premium components as well, with 150mg of the DigeZyme blend of digestive enzymes and ProDURA probiotics providing two billion CFUs, with PureWay-C’s superior vitamin C now also making that list of premium ingredients providing 117mg of vitamin C per serving.

Morphogen Nutrition Updated Nutrigen Label

Filling out the rest of the facts panel for Morphogen Nutrition’s refreshed Nutrigen and filling the holes left behind by its many removed components like tart cherry, chlorella, spirulina, and apple cider vinegar, are several immunity ingredients in 250mg each of echinacea, garlic, and elderberry. 100mg each of holy basil, oregano, and rosemary extract have also been thrown in, and 250mg of the common test booster maca,

At the moment, there is only one flavor available for the reformulated Nutrigen and its wider variety of ingredients and benefits, although there are, of course, more on the way, four to be exact. The lonely taste fans currently have to choose from for the immunity-reinforced superfood supplement is Pomeberry, with the other four being the pineapple and mango recipe Nectar, Orchard, which is apple berry, the sweet-sounding strawberry passionfruit Passion, and Swinger, a more traditional lemonade iced tea.