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Three-month-old Myprotein Hydrate heavily discounted to only 35p per stick pack

Myprotein Drastically Discountes Hydrate

It wasn’t too long ago that the international giant Myprotein joined the hydration space with its simply named and formulated Myprotein Hydrate, bringing together a variety of essential electrolytes. The supplement is specifically built to support and improve hydration and performance, with an electrolyte breakdown of 58mg of magnesium and 173mg of sodium, plus B vitamins. It’s not a supremely loaded formula, although, to be fair, that was always reflected in the price, as it’s not overly expensive either.

If Myprotein Hydrate intrigued or interested you at all, or maybe you tried the hydration-specific supplement and found it to be exactly what you were looking for, we have some good news. The hugely successful company has massively discounted its hydration category competitor, and it is indeed a massive saving. The product debuted at £29.99 for a box of 28 stick packs or individual stick packs at £1.99.

For a limited time at, the brand has brought Myprotein Hydrate all the way down to £9.80 (12.29 USD) for that same box of 28 single-serving stick packs, working out to only 35 pence (44 cents) a piece in the one Strawberry Cherry flavor. There is also a huge saving on the purchase of individual stick packs, coming down from £1.99 to 65 pence (82 cents) in both Strawberry Cherry and Lemon Lime flavors.

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