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Myprotein is finally taking its innovative Whey Forward protein powder outside of the US

Myprotein Whey Fwrd Coming To Europe

Around the middle of last year, Myprotein introduced an innovative protein powder officially called Whey Fwrd and pronounced Whey Forward, exclusively in the US, which gets that innovative description due to the ingredient it relies on to provide its high-protein nutrition profile. Whey Forward utilizes Perfect Day’s unique animal-free whey protein, a whey protein that is said to be identical to regular whey isolate, but it doesn’t use any animals in its production process.

As mentioned, Myprotein exclusively launched Whey Forward in the US, although this week, it has revealed it is finally bringing the protein powder to the European market at the turn of the New Year. The international giant has announced Whey Forward is making its long-awaited debut outside of America this Monday, on the first day of 2024, and it’ll feature its recently introduced branding, not the colorful alternative look you get on the product at

We’re not completely sure if the formula in the European version of Whey Forward is exactly the same as Myprotein’s US original, but it is being promoted very similarly as a “forward thinking whey protein”. That suggests it’s using something along the same lines as Perfect Day’s animal-free whey, with more details coming Monday; however, we do know it’ll have a solid set of macros with 21g of protein a serving, under a gram of fat, less than 2g of carbohydrates, and 99 calories.