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Whey Forward launches as the most cost-effective animal-free whey

Myprotein Whey Forward Price

Myprotein has officially released its all-new animal-free whey protein powder Whey Forward, marking the first time we’ve seen the innovative ingredient put to use by a sizeable and significant sports nutrition company. The supplement comes with a solid 20g of protein per serving, all coming from animal-free whey, which is genetically identical to regular whey protein, although it is produced with an animal-free process.

The only catch so far with supplements utilizing animal-free whey protein is they are substantially more expensive than a traditional dairy protein powder or even a plant-based product. California Performance’s V-Whey is $29.99 for a bag of 15 servings, while Natreve’s Mooless is much pricier at $39.99 for a box of ten servings with 20g of protein in each.

When news broke about Whey Forward were very interested to see what kind of price Myprotein would offer, as it has always been competitive in that department in many different categories. With Whey Forward now available through the brand’s US website, we can confirm it costs $24.99 for a ten-serving tub, still far from a regular whey protein; in fact, it’s double the cost per serving of Myprotein’s Impact Whey Isolate.

Myprotein does frequently run sales, and for the launch of Whey Forward, it is doing precisely that with 25% off and free shipping. The discount brings that ten-serving tub down to a much more competitive $18.74. That makes it the most cost-effective animal-free whey protein we’ve seen, beating out California Performance’s V-Whey, at least while the sale is on.