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Naughty Boy is putting its long-running pre-workout into a compact 60ml shot

Naughty Boy Menace Shot

Naughty Boy has been tearing it up as of late with reveal after reveal of facts panels for a host of completely new supplements it has coming down the pipeline, covering all sorts of different categories and spaces within the sports nutrition industry. The past International Brand Of The Year winner has a protein powder on the way with ISO-9, a series of products for kids called Junior Mafia, a premium Cognizin-enhanced hydration supplement in Hydra-Mind, and adding to that list is another Menace pre-workout.

The latest unveiling by Naughty Boy is indeed another version of its first-ever product, the stimulant-backed and balanced pre-workout Menace; however, it separates itself from all of the Menaces before it by way of format. The upcoming item is the Menace Shot, combining a variety of reliable ingredients and dosages common in pre-workout powder supplements, except here, they’ve been jammed into a 60ml shot.

Naughty Boy’s upcoming Menace Shot features beta-alanine and taurine for performance at 3g and 1g, respectively, a gram of GlycerPWR and half a gram of FitNOX for pumps, 600mg of VitaCholine branded choline bitartrate for focus, and finally, B vitamins and caffeine for energy, with the reliable stimulant coming in at a moderate 200mg per shot. The formula is not as advanced as the Menace pre-workout, but certainly more than your typical energy shot, and it is a great alternative if you need something compact and quick.

Like the many other supplements Naughty Boy has shared details on over the last few weeks, the well-put-together and pre-workout style Menace Shot is not available yet, although is going to be in the New Year. 2024 is shaping up to be one hell of a time for the UK-based brand, with plenty of exciting innovations rolling out, and this one goes even deeper by putting Naughty Boy into a format it’s never touched before.