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Perfect Sports offers a much better look at its entry into the competitive hydration space

Perfect Sports Unveils Hydro Splash Supplement

Almost two months ago, Canada’s Perfect Sports announced the coming of an intriguing dual hydration supplement by the name of Hydro Splash, and while the product is still not yet available, we’ve got a much better idea as to what it is. The legacy sports nutrition brand has shared a full-frontal look at its next supplement innovation, which doesn’t give us specific dosages of anything but does name Hydro Splash’s main features.

Perfect Sports has built Hydro Splash as a dedicated hydration product, packed full of electrolytes, as well as essential vitamins, a selection of amino acids, and the electrolyte source, coconut water. The supplement is going to put the brand in the increasingly competitive hydration category, which has seen more than enough action over the last couple of years, and it is coming out in Grape, Peach, and Blue Raspberry flavors.

Perfect Sports is still listing Hydro Splash as an upcoming product, without any exact launch date or timeframe, so keep an eye out in the coming weeks for when it becomes available, at which point we’ll have a full breakdown of everything that’s in the hydration-focused supplement.