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Prime calls out and compares the high calories of Red Bull againt the Prime Energy Drink

Prime Energy Drink Calls Out Red Bull Directly

Logan Paul and KSI’s beverage brand Prime is notoriously known for comparing its product offerings to major players in the market, including the likes of Liquid IV’s Hydration Multiplier against Prime Hydration Sticks and the legacy sports drink Gatorade to Prime Hydration. Today the brand has another comparison, although it is similar to the one from January of this year, where it appeared to be the classic Red Bull versus the Prime Energy Drink.

In that original video, you could see a tall signature Red Bull can, with its usual blue and silver colors, but it had black tape around most of the product, so we couldn’t be absolutely sure. The latest comparison from Prime is indeed with Red Bull, showing off the full energy drink and comparing one specific point. Logan Paul and KSI take the lead in this video and point out that the flagship Red Bull has 160 calories, significantly more than Prime Energy Drink’s 10, mostly due to the sugar content.

Any regular energy drink consumer will know Red Bull has many versions on the market, including Red Bull Sugar Free with no sugar and 20 calories a can, and Red Bull Zero also with no sugar and a slightly lower 15 calories. The catch with comparisons like this is a brand can select a competitor it may have the leg up on in an area, and even though it may lose elsewhere, the brand can simply not mention that. Feel free to check out Prime’s latest comparison video against Red Bull over on Instagram.