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Animal Pak creator is getting into the clear sub-category of protein powder in three flavors

Sampling event for Animal Clear Whey Isolate

Animal has undergone a lot of changes over the last couple of years and introduced more completely new supplements than any other period we can remember. The legacy sports nutrition brand introduced another additional hormone health product by way of Animal TNT, its first supplement specifically for women in Alpha T, now named Animal Power Balance, and don’t forget the quality and delicious protein snack, Animal Beef Biltong.

The innovation from Animal looks like it is going to continue here at the end of the year or potentially through until the beginning of next year with the introduction of Animal Clear Whey Isolate. The upcoming product is the Animal Pak creator’s approach to the clear protein powder sub-category, which it publicly sampled this week. It was yesterday at Diesel Gym in the brand’s hometown where it was taste testing Animal Clear Whey Isolate.

As you can see in the images from the sampling event, Animal had its completely new Animal Clear Whey Isolate out on display alongside the samples, in three flavors. It’s a little hard to tell what exactly each of them is, separately colored red, orange, and blue, although the supplement looks like it’s finished, produced, and ready to go, so it’s probably not long until we see it on shelves.

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