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Skinny Food recreates prosecco in a 750ml bottle and with significantly fewer calories

Skinny Food Co Skinny Secco

The Skinny Food Co is no stranger to putting together uncommon, unique, and genuinely creative functional foods and better-for-you snacks, in fact, its extensive selection is jam-packed full of them. That is one of the main reasons it’s been nominated for Functional Brand Of The Year on several occasions, with some examples of the UK-based brand’s unforgettable efforts including the likes of low-sugar Chocolate Cookie Sandwiches, High-Protein Baguettes, and chocolate-filled High-Protein Croissants.

Sometime soon, somewhere in the near future, The Skinny Food Co is dropping another one of those memorable functional products, and it’s mostly the delivery that sets this one apart. The brand has put together an item featuring a taste inspired by the popular white wine, prosecco. What makes Skinny Food’s prosecco offering interesting and different, is that it’s not a prosecco flavor of a current snack or supplements, it is indeed a better-for-you alternative being a large 750ml bottle that tastes similar and that is it.

The Skinny Food Co’s upcoming, prosecco-based product is officially titled Skinny Secco. Without a complete unveiling, all we can confirm for the moment is that it promises to deliver a classic prosecco flavor but with significantly fewer calories at 24 per serving. While we’ve seen plenty of sports nutrition companies and functional innovators take inspiration from cocktails, shots, and various other drinks, including prosecco; no one has gone as far as this, making an alternative that has the same kind of taste and flavor, but it’s better for you, keeping the sugar next to nothing and the calories nclose behind.