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Soul Performance is repackaging its supplements in an infinitely recyclable material

Soul Performance Nutrition Moves To Glass Containers

As we’ve mentioned many times before, Soul Performance Nutrition is one of the more specialized competitors in the world of sports nutrition. By that, we mean it puts a lot of effort into common and uncommon categories, giving you in-depth formulas in areas you simply won’t get from almost anyone else. Soul Performance is about to release another two undoubtedly high-quality and reliable supplements with Nova Immune Renewal and the PeptiStrong-backed Nexus Peptide Complex.

Soul Performance Nutrition has announced a fitting change coming to its growing selection of sports nutrition products, beginning with the muscle builder and recovery-enhancing Nexus Peptide Complex. At the moment, all six of the brand’s supplements come in traditional plastic containers, whether you’re looking at its powder products or lone capsule formula. The PeptiStrong-powdered supplement is switching from plastic to glass, bringing a level of presentation to match the formulas you get inside.

The glass touch is going to add more than a premium feel to Soul Performance Nutrition and its products; it is also much more environmentally friendly, as glass is infinitely recyclable, as opposed to traditional plastic. Again, Nexus Peptide Complex is going to be one of the first supplements from the brand to feature that glass packaging, and if you haven’t already, be sure to check out its Christmas sale that’s still live from Black Friday month where you get as much as 35% off its reputable products.