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South Park centers around Logan LeDouche and his Cred sports drink in its latest special

South Park Not Suitable For Children

Prime has been the center of attention around the world on numerous occasions and related to many different topics outside of the features here at Stack3d regarding its product expansions and creative flavor extensions. This week has been all about the announcement of the beverage giant’s all-new color-changing Cherry Freeze Prime Hydration Drink, and as it turns out, there is also something on the entertainment side thanks to the latest special from the legendary television show South Park.

The creators of South Park have released Not Suitable For Children, an almost hour-long watch on Paramount+ that centers around a sports drink called Cred, supported by the influencer Logan LeDouche, and its appeal to children, despite that not being the targeted audience. It is a very clear parody of the successful Prime Hydration Drink from Logan Paul, with kids all throughout South Park Elementary drinking and carrying bottles of Cred day-to-day and their reliance on the product for social cred.

South Park Cred Oatmeal Nummy Nums

South Park’s Not Suitable For Children, like all episodes and specials from the television show, is incredibly entertaining, especially when knowing all about the fast rise of Prime and its signature beverage. South Park has filled the special event with all sorts of flavors and limited variants of Cred, like the Prime Hydration Drink, although with a bit more fun and humor, including the likes of Jelly Roll Midnight Waffle House, Purple Snowglobe, Oatmeal Nummy Nums, and the exclusive Mega Cred.

You can check out the South Park special Not Suitable For Children over on Paramount+, appreciate it all for what it is, and take it as a reflection of how popular the brand and product has become to have a popular television show center around it. While you’re at it, check out the sweet new Cherry Freeze Prime Hydration Drink, rolling out to stores this week and featuring a label that changes from white and red to blue and white when cold.