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Prime announces its temperature-affected Cherry Freeze flavor launching in Walmart

Cherry Freeze Prime Hydration Drink

Just days after we posted about the all-new flavor from Logan Paul and KSI’s Prime with a color-changing Cherry Freeze flavor of Prime Hydration Drink, the beverage giant itself has come out and announced that it is indeed the next product to be rolling out. The flavor is a dedicated cherry-type taste, as you could probably gather by the name, although the intriguing part comes in the packaging; as mentioned, it is color changing, where the label is white and red, but turns blue and red when it’s cold or put in a cooler.

The packing twist is a nice touch for the all-new Cherry Freeze Prime Hydration Drink and is a nice follow-up to the popular and exclusive Glowberry, which glows in the dark and had several limited edition variants on shelves around the world, making it quite an effort for collectors. Prime has confirmed Cherry Freeze is preparing to make its way out to stores, with the retail giant Walmart said to be getting the flavor extension before anywhere else in about one week or precisely six days from today on Wednesday the 27th.

There doesn’t appear to be any mention of the Cherry Freeze Prime Hydration Drink in the UK market or anywhere else the beverage powerhouse has a presence, only in the US for the moment at Walmart, although that’s not to say there aren’t plans to expand on things from there. For those keeping count, this will be the brand’s 11th ongoing flavor, not including all of the temporary special edition options we’ve seen, like the LA Dodgers exclusive, and KSI’s Orange Mango flavor simply named KSI released in the UK.