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Expo Awards for the Arnold Sports Festival will be open to every exhibitor at the show

Stack3d Expo Awards At The Arnold Sports Festival

There are plenty of things to be excited about for the expo at the 2024 Arnold Sports Festival, and we’re pushing many of those features that are all going to make it an unforgettable edition of the long-running health and fitness event. To name a few highlights, there is going to be a ridiculous amount of exhibitors, the most the festival has had in several years; Stack3d will have its own dedicated section made up of handpicked, premium, and reputable brands; and there is the Executive Pass specifically for industry-level individuals.

There are plenty of other activations and unmissable moments lined up for the Arnold Sports Festival in 2024, and we’ve got another entry to add to that list here in the week before Christmas, and this goes out to all of the brands exhibiting. We are going to have the official Stack3d Expo Awards at the Arnold Expo, which are open to absolutely any exhibitor on the floor at the show can win, whether you’ve got a towering booth in the middle of the show, a spot in the Stack3d Section, or a 10×10 at the back of the convention center.

  • Innovation Award – Most exciting and promising new product
  • Top Tasting – Best tasting product
  • Best Branding – Most impressive and eye-catching branding
  • Best Booth – Best activation on the floor in terms of interactivity, display and excitement
  • People’s Choice – Fan-voted award going to the most popular exhibitor

We’ve got the categories for the Stack3d Awards at the 2024 Arnold Sports Festival above and a brief description of what they’ll cover. The Innovation Award focuses on completely new products in the areas of sports nutrition, functional food, and energy drinks, debuted at the show or slightly earlier. Top Tasting covers the same categories and is simply the best tasting product with more points going to newer offerings, then Best Branding is the most eye-catching look on a brand’s line. Best Booth is the most attractive and interactive activation, and lastly, People’s Choice is a poll put to fans where they vote on what exhibitor they like the most because they love the brand, like its products, or everything in between.

We’re currently working on the trophies winners of each of the five categories will be given in person, with presentation and photograph opportunities also being worked on and organized. Again, these awards are open to absolutely every exhibitor on the floor at the Arnold Sports Festival, and with such a wide variety of categories, almost anyone can be in the running for at least one. If you haven’t organized your participation in the event, be sure to head on over to and get it sorted shortly.