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Next week looks like it’s bringing a plant-based protein powder to the RYSE family

Teaser Of Ryse Plant Protein

RYSE Supplements recently released a superfood product by the name of Loaded Greens, continuing that “Loaded” naming convention it uses in many other places in the likes of Loaded Protein and Loaded Creatine. You also might have noticed on the front of the greens-filled supplement is the tagline “Natural Series”, which is indeed a line from RYSE featuring only completely natural items, like Loaded Greens.

As far as we know, Loaded Greens is the first and currently only entry in RYSE Supplements’ Natural Series, but that won’t be the case for much longer. The brand has dropped a teaser image of a completely new product that is arriving next week and bears that Natural Series tag. The brand has tried to help us figure out what exactly everyone is in for by saying it is a new format of protein powder, at least for RYSE.

Based on the few words from the supplement company, the Natural Series attachment, the letters “…nt Protein”, and the 30g serving size; we’re guessing next week is bringing the launch of RYSE Plant Protein. The popular brand hasn’t expanded in the saturated protein powder category by way of different types such as egg protein, meal replacement, or mass gainer. We will finally get that variety in protein if RYSE Plant Protein is what’s in store, and it’ll certainly please any of its fans who live a vegan lifestyle.