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TJ Humphreys parts ways with ABE and is sharing his next chapter in the industry in the New Year

Tj Humphreys Next Chapter

Since his rise to success with the now legacy sports nutrition company ProSupps, known for its signature pre-workouts Jekyll and Hyde, TJ Humphreys has taken his experience and expertise to a few other brands throughout the supplement industry. Over the last few years, TJ has worked with the team at RYSE, which just won the Protein Wars for the third year in a row, and most recently, he’s been heavily involved with Applied Nutrition’s foray into the US market under the banner of its signature pre-workout ABE.

It’s fair to say that wherever TJ Humphries has gone or been involved, that company has made some noise and had an impact on the sports nutrition market, with the powerhouse RYSE and now well-established Applied Nutrition and ABE, being prime examples. As we approach the end of the year, TJ has made an announcement that is well worth paying attention to for those reasons just mentioned, as he is parting ways with the team at ABE, and is about to begin something new at the start of the New Year.

TJ has shared very little about his next venture, only saying that it will keep him in the sports nutrition space and that it will involve seeing a lot of him. That could be him becoming the face of a brand, maybe starting a podcast of some sort, but after the success of ProSupps, RYSE, and ABE, we have to imagine it’ll be something significant. TJ has laid down the date of January 2nd for when details will be shared on the next chapter in his story, and he definitely has our attention as he is apparently remaining in the industry.

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