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Walmart gets an exclusive special edition version of Prime’s color-changing cherry flavor

Walmart Edition Cherry Freeze Prime Hydration Drink

Prime’s latest flavor innovation rolled out last week in many different stores and stockists, from specialty supplement shops like GNC to significantly more major supermarkets, including Kroger. The first place the brand promised its color-changing Cherry Freeze flavor of the Prime Hydration Drink for was indeed Walmart; in fact, it said it’d be hitting its locations beginning today. We didn’t think it was that big a deal since it went live elsewhere sooner, although it turns out the Walmart drop is something to be aware of.

You can now get your hands on the Prime Hydration Drink in the icy cherry experience Cherry Freeze at Walmart, but it’s not like the bottles you’ll find at any other retailer. The supermarket giant has been given a specially marked version of the flavor, similar to the many different editions we saw with Glowberry. Walmart’s Cherry Freeze Prime Hydration Drink comes with unique artwork at the top, where the label changes from white to blue when cold, featuring snowflakes, KSI’s name, and a few other bits and pieces.

The special edition reskin at Walmart does, of course, still change color like the regular Cherry Freeze Prime Hydration Drink, but again, this one can only be found and purchased from Walmart, and with locations absolutely everywhere, it shouldn’t be difficult to get your hands on it.