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FaZe Clan’s second flavor collaboration with Ghost is also coming in Ghost Gamer

Faze Up Ghost Gamer

Ghost was all over the news yesterday regarding the announcement of its second collaboration with the esports and entertainment giant FaZe Clan. Similar to around this time last year, the original lifestyle supplement company has got together with the crew and crafted a special edition flavor in the form of the citrusy FaZe Up. The taste creation was unveiled for the hugely successful Ghost Energy Drink, and after checking in with the brand itself, we did confirm it’s a different sort of citrus experience compared to the beverage’s original Citrus.

One day later, and we have more news on the collaboration between Ghost and FaZe Clan, as the two weren’t done with the FaZe Up Ghost Energy Drink. As we saw last year when the two partnered for FaZe Pop in the Ghost Energy Drink and gaming supplement Ghost Gamer, the brand has announced FaZe Up is also going to be available for Ghost Gamer. You can get a glimpse of what the upcoming flavor looks like, featuring a label design similar to the beverage and, of course, it has that same classic citrus recipe, blending lemon and lime.

FaZe Up Ghost Gamer is making its debut in ten days on Monday the 29th of this month, alongside the FaZe Up Ghost Energy Drink, although interestly, unlike the beverage, the FaZe Clan supplement collaboration won’t be limited to the US. The brand has confirmed it is giving the FaZe Up Ghost Gamer a complete global launch, meaning international fans will be able to purchase the product through all of the regions services by its online store at, which includes the US, the UK and Europe, and down under in Australia.