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Order newcomer Kill Vice’s stack-exclusive products today and get two tubs free

Kill Vice Labs New Years Bogo Deal

Kill Vice Labs just recently rolled out into the competitive sports nutrition market with its stack-exclusive supplements, Stim and Pump. The former is a stimulant-based product designed specifically to support energy and focus, and the latter is completely stimulant-free and built for the non-sensory pre-workout benefits of muscle pumps and performance. As mentioned, they are stack-exclusive, meaning you can not purchase them separately like other brands with two pre-workouts, only bundled together at $59.95.

To celebrate the turn of the New Year, Kill Vice Labs is running a sale that may encourage you to try the brand and its combination pre-workouts, especially if they were already of interest to you. Through until midnight tonight, the newcomer is running a buy one get one sale, meaning you get two tubs of Stim and two tubs of Pump for $59.95. It’s a damn good deal, especially next to that regular price tag, as you do indeed get twice as much, but there are some steps you need to take, as once you’ve ordered, you need to DM the brand your order number and the words “New Year” to have the extra tubs added before shipping.