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Axe and Sledge’s first drop of the year is flavor number eight for its growing energy drink

Melon Pop Jst Wrk Energy Drink

Gorilla Mind famously added a new flavor for each of the months following the launch of its nootropic Gorilla Mind Energy Drink, although there was another brand and beverage that made its debut and quickly built out its menu in JST WRK Energy from Axe and Sledge Supplements. That product made its way to market in March of last year in four flavors, with Shark Bite, Glacier, authentic ICEE Cherry, and ICEE Blue Raspberry, and went on to add another three before the end of 2023, including Unicorn Blood, Deadlits & Gummy Bears, and Luigi’s Lemon Italian Ice.

The hard-working team at Axe and Sledge Supplements is continuing that growth and focus on JST WRK Energy into 2024, starting off the New Year with news of another flavor extension for the beverage. Arriving sometime next week and moving the total number of tastes for the product to eight is a watermelon-based experience with Melon Burst JST WRK Energy Drink. The flavor will, of course, feature all of the usual highlights of the beverage, including B vitamins, taurine, inositol, and a reliable 200mg of caffeine with absolutely no sugar, carbohydrates, or calories.