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Myprotein focuses on the environmental benefits in the international version of Whey Fwrd

Myprotein Us Vs Uk Whey Fwrd Isolate

Myprotein’s originally US-exclusive protein powder Whey Fwrd has made its international debut, going outside of America and becoming available for purchase directly through its primary online store at It was confirmed a couple of days ago that the supplement would be hitting the website on the turn of the New Year, something the international giant has followed through on this week, and with that has come more details as to what you get in the UK and European version of Whey Fwrd.

The Whey Fwrd, now available at, is essentially the same as the original at but with a few branding and marketing differences. The official title of this supplement is actually Whey Fwrd Isolate, making fans more aware they’re getting high-quality whey isolate, or as the label puts it, fermented whey protein isolate. That comes with a solid nutrition profile providing 21g of protein in each of its servings, under 2g of carbohydrates, no sugar, less than a gram of fat, and 99 calories.

Myprotein does not promote the animal-free whey protein point as seen in the US version of Whey Fwrd; instead, it focuses more on the environmentally-friendly benefits of its alternatively described but effectively the same, fermented whey protein isolate. Basically, the supplement gives you all of the key benefits of a typical whey isolate, but with that source, it takes 97% less water to make and 94% lower carbon emissions, fitting perfectly with Whey Fwrd Isolate’s tagline of “Forward Thinking Whey Protein”.

Myprotein has indeed officially launched Whey Fwrd for the UK and Europe this week, and if you head over to, you can see it for yourself in two traditional flavors to begin, with Chocolate and Strawberry Cream. The expanded supplement comes in a smaller-than-usual protein powder tub size, tipping the scales at half a kilogram, working out to a moderate 20 servings, each packing 21g of protein, and as for the price, it’s currently heavily discounted from £30.99, all the way down to £15.21 (19.35 USD).