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Perfect takes a dual electrolyte and osmolyte approach in its hydration competitor

Perfect Sports Hydrosplash

Perfect Sports has completely revealed and released its long-awaited entry into the growing hydration space with HydroSplash. Since the first mention of the supplement, it was uniquely promoted as some sort of hybrid, dual hydration formula, all geared towards helping hydration, performance, and recovery. The dual hydration strategy comes from the fact that the product has both electrolytes and osmolytes; the former is essential for fluid balance, and the latter for osmotic balance and protecting cells.

Filling out the electrolyte side of Perfect Sports HydroSplash are all of the usual suspects, breaking down to 121mg of sodium, 210mg of potassium, 22mg of calcium, and 21mg of magnesium, combining for a moderate total of 374mg. In the osmolyte portion, the brand has brought together the amino acids glutamine, glycine, and taurine, and a small amount of the quality carbohydrate highly branched cyclic dextrin, providing 2g of carbs, with vitamin C and a selection of B vitamins also in the supplement.

Perfect Sports has put its hydration competitor HydroSplash in a traditional scoop-to-serve tub of bulk powder, not stick packs as we’ve seen from several others, but you do get plenty of servings in that bottle at 45, which will last you over two months if you use it every workout and train five times a week. Being the experienced brand that it is, the electrolyte and osmolyte-fueled supplement comes in a variety of flavors in Blue Raspberry, Grape, and Peach, and it’s available directly immediately at $44.99 (33.57 USD).