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Splash Protein Drink finds its way into Costco in an 18-can variety pack

Revolution Nutrition Costco Bundle Splash Protein Drink

While everyone is coming out with a canned and carbonated energy drink, last year Revolution Nutrition in Canada dropped something in that same canned format by the name of Splash, but it isn’t at all connected to energy. The product is the Splash Protein Drink, and it features 24g of protein from premium whey isolate plus 7g of marine-sourced collagen for all of the usual collagen benefits in hair, skin, and nail health, with zero sugar, no fat, 124 calories and three flavors in Blue Shark, Sour Cherry, and Candy Peach.

Only a few months later, following Revolution Nutrition’s debut of the Splash Protein Drink, the protein-packed beverage has made its way into the membership retailer Costco in Canada, and as you’d expect, it is an opportunity to save some money. The giant has been given an 18-piece box of the Splash Protein Drink, and as a nice introduction to the product, it’s not all in one flavor, but a variety pack with six cans of each of its options, which again are Sour Cherry, and the candy tastes Blue Shark and Candy Peach.

The cost of Revolution Nutrition’s Costco-exclusive bundle of the Splash Protein Drink $49.99 (37.23 USD), a huge drop compared to the product through at $19.99, and that’s for four. With 18 cans coming in that Costco pack, you’re looking at a saving of about 45%, which is crucial when it comes to functional, convenient items like this, where you may be consuming them on a consistent basis.