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Alpha Neon makes a fiber-filled gut health product to properly start your day

Alpha Neon Rise N Shine

Alpha Neon closed out last year like a beast, dropping several new products, including the joint support supplement Syner-Joint, Synergiz for organ health, the hydration formula Hydron8, and four additional flavors for Super4 protein powder. Starting the year off for the UK-based brand as its first entirely new product for 2024, we have Rise ‘N Shine, which is a specialized digestion and gut health concoction to be taken right at the start of your day, as per the name, and it is filled with a bevy of suitable ingredients.

Alpha Neon’s Rise ‘N Shine is backed by a solid 5g of psyllium husk powder, one of the most common dietary fibers, another 5g of glutamine, 200mg of lemon juice, a gram of apple cider vinegar, 100mg of aloe vera concentrate, and lastly 10mg of probiotics. Again, all of this has come together to improve digestion and support gut health, packed into a 12g serving that you can mix with a bit of water or maybe another supplement if the taste matches, and there are two flavors in Orange Juice and Strawberry Mango.

You can already secure yourself a bottle of Rise ‘N Shine over in Alpha Neon’s online store, where the price isn’t too bad considering the comprehensive variety of ingredients the health and wellness product has brought together at £34.99 (44.19 USD). As mentioned, there are two flavors of the digestion and gut health supplement, although just one of them is available at the moment in the citrusy Orange Juice, while the two-part recipe Strawberry Mango is currently listed as completely out of stock.

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