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Fast-selling and authentic Turk Builder is available again but not likely for long

Htlt Restocks Turk Builder

Greg Doucette recently relaunched HTLT’s original turkesterone supplement Turk Builder, spending the last year and a half hunting down an authentic source, after Turk Builder became Ecdy Builder following Nutrition Depot’s testing of popular turkesterone products. HTLT has found high-quality turkesterone in the mountains of Uzbekistan, that it supports with third party testing to show that it does deliver a solid standardization of the muscle building component, and since the supplement’s returned, it has not been able to remain in stock.

If you’ve wanted to try Greg Doucette and HTLT’s authentic turkesterone product in the third party-tested Turk Builder, it is once again, back in stock at, but you won’t want to waste any time. The brand has been sending out restock notifications via email, the latest of which came in late yesterday and there are indeed still units available. At the pace HTLT has been selling through the muscle building, turkesterone-powered supplement there is a good chance the current stock of Turk Builder will be completely depleted at any moment.

The price of HTLT’s Turk Builder backed by turkesterone from Uzbekistan is a lot more than it was back with the original at $59.99 for a bottle of 40 capsules, which works out to just 13 servings if you want that full serving providing 45mg of turkesterone. If you want that to then last a couple months, about 30 days, you’ll need three full-size bottles, pumping up the cost to $180, and there is no bulk discount like with the first Turk Builder.