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Joyburst goes from an energy drink to hydration and now zero-sugar mocktails

Joyburst Mocktails

The No Sugar Company entered the energy drink space some time ago, long before the more recent rise in popularity and interest from sports nutrition and functional food companies, jumping in back in 2021 with Joyburst. The product, of course, is true to the brand and its name, and has no sugar; packs 200mg of natural caffeine for that reliable boost of energy; features a nice variety of flavors including the likes of Elderberry and Peach Mango; and it even has a spin-off in the hydration-focused Joyburst Renew.

Joyburst is about to undergo another expansion with Joyburst Mocktails, which are indeed what they sound like. The upcoming item is a non-alcoholic beverage that carries over the functional nutrition feature of the original in that it has no sugar and practically zero calories, but by the looks of things, there is no energizing caffeine in this one; it’s purely a better-for-you offering. The product is coming in two flavors, both of them doing the mocktail theme justice in Raspberry Mojito and Strawberry Ginspiration.

The Joyburst Mocktails extension is not out and available yet; The No Sugar Company has simply unveiled them this week, although they sound like they’re right around the corner. The brand has posted a signup form on its website for you to enter your email and be notified exactly when its non-alcoholic mocktails make their debut. We can’t imagine the sugarless, functional food specialist would throw out something like that if the Joyburst Mocktails were far away, so if you have any interest, sign up and be ready.

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